Agia Pelagia
Discover the beauties of crete all in one place, Ligaria Beach, Mononaftis Beach, Psaromoura beach, Achlada village and more...


Agia Pelagia Main Beach

The main beach of Agia Pelagia is only 200 meters from our hotel, you can find everything you need here, restaurants cafes, clubs, watersports, diving centers, supermarkets and lots more. The beach has sunbeds and umbrellas you can rent and free public showers and bathrooms. It is the largest beach in the region and occasionally is awarded with a blue flag.

Psaromoura Beach

Psaromoura is one of the smallest beaches in the complex of Agia Pelagia but one of the largest in popularity, especially from the locals. Its about a 25 minute walk from our hotel but with a car or motor bike it should take you less than 5 minutes to get there. The bay is surrounded by edgy cliffs and it is isolated from any noise and road. There is only a small shop on the beach which offers ice creams, drinks and sandwiches. The beach provides sunbeds and umbrellas.

Mononaftis Beach

Mononafti Beach is only 5 minutes away from our Hotel by car or motorbike. The name Mononafti in Greek translates as "lonely sailor" rumored that the bay was named this way after a shipwrecked sailor survived and reached it shores. Here you can find a Taverns, super markets, a diving center and more. The beach offers sunbed and umbrellas and the water are crystal clean but visitors should be careful of the currents, they can get very strong .

Ligaria Beach

Lygaria Beach is very close to us, only a 15 minute walk, also accessible to cars and bikes. It is the largest beach after the main beach of Agia Pelagia in the region. The beach is sand and rocky at some places, it has a lot of taverns and cafes. There is a diving center and water sport facility. Again the beach is similar to Agia pelagia with a hilly surrounding and clean blue water. The Beach offers sunbeds and umbrellas.


The Village Achlada was now almost completely abandoned was once buzzing with life. After Agia Pelagia stated to gain popularity and became a tourist resort the villagers moved there in result Achlada froze into time and that makes it worthy of visiting. You can enjoy a peaceful walk in its graphic alleys and observe the architecture of the small houses. The view will you look down is spectacular!


Around Agia Pelagia main beach on a Pedalo